A very Internet New Year trip down memory lane

Meanwhile it is an established tradition: over thirty local and international internet organisations invite the Netherlands internet community to a joint Internet New Year's event in Amsterdam. From registry to research network, from identity and trust management to accessibility - and all the way back to hacking: you'll find plenty of interesting people to talk to. This page contains an overview of past events.

2019 edition: Tolhuistuin


We have a separate space reserved for drinks, food and conversation only. But if you want to see what is happening in the community, check out the programme and pick the sessions you like:

17.30 Doors open
18.00 Buffet open
19:0020:00 Lightning Talks
Presented by Paul Suikerbuijk
Short and snappy ten minute talks on interesting topics
19:0019:10Vesna Manojlovic, Mirjam Kühne (RIPE NCC)
Increasing Routing Security through RPKI
19:1019:20Dr. Paola Grosso (University of Amsterdam)
Secure autonomous response networks
19:2019:30Dr. Kees Teszelsky (Koninklijke Bibliotheek)
Crawling .frl
19:3019:40Flash General Assembly (Internet Society Netherlands)
Quick update on what is happening within ISOC.nl
19:4019:50Dr. Steven Pemberton (CWI/W3C Benelux)
The Internet Effect: a comparison with books
19:5020:00Michiel Leenaars (NLnet/ISOC.nl)
NGI Zero/Next Generation Internet initiative
20:0020:45Chairpersons Debate led by Olaf Kolkman
What were the highlights of 2018, and what will 2019 bring?
With Peter van Burgel (CEO AMS-ix), Christian Kaufmann (chair RIPE NCC), Lonneke van der Velden (chair Bits of Freedom), Catelijne Muller (ALLAI) and Octavia de Weerdt (director NBIP).

20:4521:00ISOC Awards
21:0021:15Bits of Freedom Quiz
21:1521:55 Lightning Talks
21:1521:25Maarten Botterman (ICANN Board)
ICANN Five Year Strategic Plan
21:2521:35Dr. Eric Velleman (Accessibility.nl)
Lessons for innovation implementation. Web Accessibility Standards & Dutch Municipalities
21:3521:45Prof. dr. Cees de Laat (University of Amsterdam)
Digital Data Markets and AMDEX, trust in data sharing on the Internet
21:4521:55Elger Jonker (Internet Cleanup Foundation)

2018 edition: Compagnietheater

2017 edition: Tolhuistuin

2016 edition: Het Sieraad

2015 edition: Tolhuistuin

2014 edition: Felix Meritis

2013 edition: Het Sieraad

2012 edition: Felix Meritis

2011 edition: University of Amsterdam

2010 edition: NEMO Science Center

2009 edition: Felix Meritis

2008 edition: Voormalig Volkskrant-gebouw