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A very Internet New Year 2022

We had good hope we could return after a two years SARS-CoV-2 hiatus to our long standing tradition: over thirty local and international internet organisations having a joint Internet New Year's event. We even had a tentative date: in Amsterdam. From registry to research network, from security to accessibility - and all the way back to hacking: we hoped to bring all of these interesting people together, as we used to.


However, due to the high infection rates it seems unrealistic to organise such an event. Therefore the event is postponed until further notice. More logistical information will be announced here when information becomes available.

More information

Will of course appear on this page. If you have any questions, contact Michiel Leenaars or Alexandra Vos, +31 20 535 4363. Innovation Award

These organisations participate:
Deze organisaties nemen deel:

  • ISOC
  • Vereniging Open Domein
  • Stichting NLnet
  • AMS-ix
  • netwerk democratie
  • NLnet Labs
  • OpenDoc Society
  • -->
  • Stichting Waag Society
  • The Commons Conservancy

Should your organisation be here? Contact us!