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A very Internet New Year 2018

Meanwhile it is an established tradition: over thirty local and international internet organisations invite you to a joint Internet New Year's event which will be held on in Amsterdam. From registry to research network, from education to accessibility - and all the way back to hacking: you'll find plenty of interesting people to talk to.


The event will be held in Amsterdam at the Compagnietheater, Kloveniersburgwal 50, 1012 CX Amsterdam. A beautiful historical venue, and a great place for a party!

Make sure you don't miss out, and reserve your free entry today [much thanks to RIPE NCC for handling the registration].



The Internet New Years Event is great for catching up with old friends and acquaintances, as well as meeting new people working in various areas of the internet. But as always we have a really interesting programme featuring a diversity of lightning talks from speakers such as Steven Pemberton (CWI/W3C), Kees Teszelszky (Koninklijke Bibliotheek), Djoerd Hiemstra (UTwente/Searsia), Maarten Botterman (ICANN Board) and Guido Aben (The Commons Conservancy). The programme is presented by Hans de Zwart (director Bits of Freedom).

The Internet Innovatie Award 2018 will once again be officially awarded to an important new internet initiative. And of course the traditional chairpersons debate, where the leaders of leading organisations discuss the preceding and upcoming year. This will as always be led by Olaf Kolkman (Chief Internet Technology officer Internet Society).


We have a separate space reserved for drinks, food and conversation only. But if you want to see what is happening in the community, check out the programme and pick the sessions you like:

17.30 Doors open
18.00 Buffet open
19:0020:00 Lightning Talks
19:0019:10Internet routing ecosystem needs a major upgrade
Ad Bresser
19:1019:20Design Patterns of Blockchain Technology
Richard Kohl (Stichting Bitcoin Nederland,
19:2019:30Konininklijke Bibliotheek as Buzz Lightyear of Dutch Digital heritage: saving the Dutch internet from the digital black hole
Kees Teszelszky (KB)
19:3019:40Digitale toegankelijkheid in de zorg: hoe is het daar gesteld
Monique van der Heijden (Accessibility)
19:4019:50Search advertising and query recommendations without tracking users
dr. Djoerd Hiemstra (UTwente)
19:5020:00Digital Ephemera
dr. Steven Pemberton (CWI/W3C)
20:0020:45Chairpersons Debate led by Olaf Kolkman
What were the highlights of 2017, and what will 2018 bring? With the upcoming WIV referendum (which is the first 'real' referendum in a sense, and may very well be the last too), what role should the technical community play with regards to the societal debate? How do we make sure this important social dialogue is based on a good understanding of the potential impact and its long term effects?


  • Josien Pieterse (Director NetDem)
  • Erwin Bleumink (Director SURFnet)
  • Alexander Blom (Chair Internet Society Nederland)
  • Quirine Eijkman (Vice Chair College Rechten van de Mens)
20:4521:00ISOC Awards
21:0021:15Bits of Freedom Quiz
21:1521:55 Lightning Talks
21:1521:25ICANN, one year after the IANA transition
Maarten Botterman
21:2521:35Conserving the first Commons: TCC in operation
Guido Aaben (AARnet)
21:3521:453D print mogelijkheden voor voelbaar onderwijs voor blinde en slechtziende kinderen
Ruben Brandsma (Accessibility)
21:4521:55Aanpak Beter Breedband
Jaap van Till

We look forward to seeing you at Internet New Year's event of 2018 in a mere two weeks. Any questions or remarks? Let us know!

More information

Will of course appear on this page. If you have any questions, contact Michiel Leenaars or Alexandra Vos, +31 20 535 4363. Innovation Award

These organisations participate:
Deze organisaties nemen deel:

  • ISOC
  • Vereniging Open Domein
  • W3C Benelux
  • Stichting NLnet
  • AMS-ix
  • netwerk democratie
  • NLnet Labs
  • SIDN
  • Vrijschrift
  • Stichting IFCAT
  • Bits of Freedom
  • Fronteers
  • OpenDoc Society
  • Surfnet BV
  • ETH-0
  • Free Knowledge Institute
  • IPv6 Task Force Nederland
  • ECP
  • SIDN Fonds
  • Stichting IPv6
  • Stichting Digitale Infrastructuur Nederland
  • Stichting Dutch Data Centers
  • Stichting Waag Society
  • HoneyNed
  • The Commons Conservancy
  • Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Dcypher