A very Internet New Year 2017

As the tradition goes: over thirty local and international internet organisations organised a joint Internet New Year's event on in Amsterdam. From registry to research network, from identity and trust management to accessibility - and all the way back to hacking: once more the Netherlands internet community raised the glass at De Tolhuistuin, Buiksloterweg 5c, 1031 CC Amsterdam. Apparently some people had issues getting there [warning: external link, tracking].

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Frank Kresin presented the programme People talking Talk by Djoerd Hiemstra

The Internet New Years Event not only means catching up with old friends and acquaintances, or meeting new people working in various areas of the internet. There is always an interesting programme. There was an interesting array of lightning talks from speakers addressing upcoming legislation, new technical developments and thought-provoking societal challenges and observations. In alphabetical order the speakers were: Maarten Botterman (ICANN), Ruben Brandsma (Accessibility), Adrian Georgescu (AG Projects), dr. Djoerd Hiemstra (Utwente), Walter van Holst (Vrijschrift), Elger Jonker (IFCAT), Oscar Koeroo (KPN), dr. Steven Pemberton (CWI/W3C) and Michiel Steltman (DINL). The event was hosted by Frank Kresin (ISOC.nl).

The event also saw the finale of the ISOC.nl Internet Innovatie Award 2017. The prize was awarded to Totem Open Health by Mary-Jo de Leeuw, the chair of the jury.

Arda Gerkens (Eerste Kamer), Hans de Zwart (Bits of Freedom), Jan Klopper (Eth0) and Ruud Alaerds (DHPA) had a lively debate about trust, trustworthiness and some of the highlights of the preceding and upcoming year in the chairpersons debate led by Olaf Kolkman (Chief Internet Technology officer Internet Society). Hans de Zwart presented the Bits of Freedom Quiz

These were just a few of the highlights of the official programme. If you missed out, check the photo's and make sure you to attend next years event.

Thanks again for attending, and while the clock is ticking away to next years Internet New Year's event: have a wonderful time.


Ruud Alaerds Maarten Botterman Arda Gerkens Djoerd Hiemstra Walter van Holst Jan Klopper Oscar Koeroo Olaf Kolkman Frank Kresin Steven Pemberton Michiel Steltman Hans de Zwart

The host of the talks part of the New Year event is Frank Kresin (Design Lab UTwente).

19.00 - 20.00:

Lightning talks

  • "Brussels and internet freedoms in 2017"
    Walter van Holst (Vrijschrift)
  • "Developments in Dutch law and what it means to you"
    Oscar Koeroo (KPN)
  • AR and 3D printing for children with a visual impairment
    Ruben Brandsma (Accessibility)
  • "Programming: we're doing it wrong"
    dr. Steven Pemberton (CWI/W3C)
  • "Searsia: an open source meta search engine"
    dr. Djoerd Hiemstra (Utwente)
20.00 - 20.45:

Chairperson debate led by Olaf Kolkman (Internet Society).

20.45 - 21.00:

ISOC.nl Internet Innovation Award

21.00 - 21.15: Bits of Freedom Quiz
21.15 - 21.50:

Lightning talks

More information

If you have any questions, contact Michiel Leenaars or Alexandra Vos, +31 20 535 4363.

ISOC.nl Innovation Award

These organisations participated:
Deze organisaties took part:

  • ISOC
  • Vereniging Open Domein
  • W3C Benelux
  • Stichting NLnet
  • AMS-ix
  • LPI
  • netwerk democratie
  • EGI
  • NLnet Labs
  • SIDN
  • Vrijschrift
  • Stichting IFCAT
  • Drempelvrij.nl
  • Bits of Freedom
  • Fronteers
  • OpenDoc Society
  • Accessibility.nl
  • Surfnet BV
  • ETH-0
  • Free Knowledge Institute
  • IPv6 Task Force Nederland
  • ECP
  • SIDN Fonds
  • Internet Protection Lab
  • Stichting IPv6
  • Stichting Digitale Infrastructuur Nederland
  • Stichting Dutch Data Centers
  • Stichting Waag Society
  • HoneyNed
  • The Commons Conservancy