New Year 2014


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A very Internet New Year 2014

Meanwhile it is an established tradition: thirty local and international internet organisations invite you to a joint Internet New Year's event which will be held on Thursday, January 9th 2014 in Amsterdam (see who is joining). As in previous years, there will be a range of "lightning talks" from speakers such as prof. Erik Huizer, Tjarda de Haan, Iljitsch van Beijnum, Saúl Ibarra Corretgé and Steven Pemberton as well as the traditional Chairpersons debate led by Olaf Kolkman (director NLnet Labs), a quiz by Bits of Freedom and the announcement of the winner of the first Internet Innovation Award.


The event will be held on January 9th 2014 at Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324 in Amsterdam. (how to get there). A beautiful historic location that just celebrated its 225th anniversary in 2013, and has a rich cultural, scientific and political history, amongst others as precursor to the Concertgebouw (Beethoven's Ninth premiered there). The parts we are using should be fully accessible to people with special logistic needs such as a wheelchair.


Doors open at 17.45, and there is some nice food available until 19:00h (both non-vegetarian and vegetarian options available). We stay open until 23.00h.

For those that care more about catching up with old friends and acquaintances, as well as meeting new people working in various areas of the internet, we have a separate space reserved for drinks, food and conversation only. The Internet New Year's event is the perfect way to kick off a great 2014.

Internet New Years Event 2014
19:00-19:10Reconstructie van De Digitale StadTjarda de Haan
19:10-19:20Onze IP-pakketten zijn te kleinIljitsch van Beijnum
19:20-19:30Internetpioniers in NederlandPeter Olsthoorn
19:30-19:40Responsive Web DesignWilfred Nas
19:40-20:00Uitreiking eerste Internet Innovatie Award
20:00-20:40Executive Debate led by Olaf Kolkman (director NLnet Labs). With:
  • Marleen Stikker (director Waag)
  • Cara Mascini (chief strategy officer AMS-ix)
  • Marjolijn Bonthuis - Krijger (Deputy director ECP)
  • Mieke van Heesewijk (director Netwerk Democratie)
20:40-20:50Rebuilding Internet Hardwareprof. dr. Erik Huizer
20:50-21:00Communication, Content, Copyright.Dr. Steven Pemberton
21:00-21:10SW4RTZSH13LD (+ video) Micky van Zeijl
21:10-21:20Investor-to-state dispute settlementAnte Wessels
21:20-21:30Creating for the webVasilis van Gemert
21:30-21:40Building an Open Source VoIP hardware phoneSaul Ibarra
21:40-21:50Inclusive innovation Lab in UtrechtEric Velleman
21:50-22:00Internet Governance updateMaarten Botterman
22:00-Afsluiting met Bits of Freedom quiz

More information

Will of course appear on this page. If you have any questions, contact Michiel Leenaars or Sandra Gijzen, +31 20 535 4441.

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